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Round One

Go nuts.

(while following the
rules of course)

Snipercest, rimming and sorta rough sex

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So like, when the teams are relocating to new bases, both of the Snipers happen to stop at the same gas station. They have a polite conversation about sniping and shit, with a sexual undertone to it. I don't know, rifle jokes. One of the Snipers invites the other into his van to fuck because he thinks it's obvious they're both down to fuck. The other Sniper accepts the invitation.

Uhh, rough making out leads to rimming and then rough sex. Not like super rough, violent sex though. I'd prefer both Snipers to be reasonably vocal, it'd be weird if they were both just super quiet and shy. I don't have any specific sex positions in mind, so anything should be fine.

Please no slurs or homophobia in general. That's not really something I enjoy in my smut.

Hopefully this isn't too weirdly specific, that's something I always worry about in my kink meme requests.