Someone wrote in [community profile] tf2kink 2015-06-11 12:11 pm (UTC)

Heavy and Medic Interaction During Humiliation

The Heavy is on the winning team and sets out it mow down the enemy during Humiliation time. What happens when he comes across the Medic from the opposing team?
I'm just really interested to see where people would take this, as it'd depend on so many things.
Does the Heavy love the Medic from his own team and hate the way the enemy one is so similar?
Does he heave feelings for his Medic that are completely unrequited, so he projects them on to the other one?
Is he in a relationship with his Medic, but there's things in their relationship he wont let the Heavy do?
Have they been arguing recently and he takes his anger out on the confused enemy?
Does he show mercy?

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