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soldier/spy, hc, hypothermia

reposting from tf2chan because this ship needs more love

I'd also love to read more Soldier/Spy fics in general. I'm a big fan of pairings where the two people are opposites and can't seem to stand each other (hatesex is the best sex. Trufax!), so it's such a pity that there is virtually no Soldier/Spy love in this Fandom.

Here is a prompt for the pairing. Spy and Soldier are fighting in Coldfront or some other freezing place, when an explosion causes them to plummet into an underground cavern and knocks them out.

Soldier's helmet protected his head for the most part and after a few hours he regains consciousness, but Spy won't wake up. It's nighttime, it's so dark it's impossible to see if there is a way out of the carvern, and the temperature has dropped so much that unconsciousness would lead to death.

Maybe Respawn is turned off after ceasefire, maybe Soldier doesn't want to leave a teammate behind even if everybody can be brought back to life, maybe Soldier is simply too insane to realize that Respawn exists. Whatever the reason, Soldier decides to keep Spy alive by "warming him up".

Bonus points if Spy eventually wakes up while Soldier is kissing and caressing his body, but is still only semi-conscious and thinks it's a dream.

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