Someone wrote in [community profile] tf2kink 2015-06-24 10:33 am (UTC)

spy/any, mask!kink

There are a couple of fanarts (mostly of sniperspy) floating around tumblr of Spy wearing the paper mask to disguise himself, just like in-game. requester!Anon would like to see a Spy taking advantage of this to be in a relationship with Person A. If they're crossfaction, maybe he starts doing it to get around the no-friendship rule, or he has other reasons for wanting to keep it secret.

Either way, the plan works perfectly and Person A sees it as a way to sneak in PDA during battles (taking advantage of a couple on the other team?), and are thrilled that they can kiss the Spy in plain sight with no one the wiser (maybe hurt that the Spy was hiding their relationship if same!faction). Spy may or may not understand why Partner A is so turned on by his mask, but when they're so enthusiastic...

Disguise!kink and voyeurism aspects would be absolutely amazing ((○*´∀`*)) requester!anon is fond of soldier/spy, pyro/spy and demo/spy (basically all the rarepairs haha) but any pairing the fillee!anon prefers is gr8 *v*

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